City Tour Mérida

City Tour Mérida

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    Personalized pick-up according to your preferences of time and place of departure in Merida, Recommend starting at 7:30 - 8:00 a.m.
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    8 hours approximately there are many sites to visit, we will suggest many of them and at the end you will decide.
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We will visit the center or main square, the cathedral, the government palace, the church of the third order, the Peón Contreras theater and by vehicle we will be able to visit some of the most popular neighborhoods of Mérida, both on the old side and the modern part of the city. town. At the end we can visit the port of Progreso where you can enjoy a delicious meal on the boardwalk facing the sea . It does not include fee entrances or food.


The city was founded on January 6, 1542 by Francisco de Montejo, "El Mozo" on the remains of the Mayan city of T'Hó, which was virtually uninhabited when the Europeans conquered the Yucatan Peninsula. In 2000, the city was named American Capital of Culture by virtue of the boost it has given to cultural activities, being the first city to receive this distinction, which was awarded once again in 2017. Its rich cultural heritage is the product of the mixture of the Mayan, Spanish and African cultures during the colonial era later influenced by the French and Lebanese cultures with some contributions from the Dutch, Korean and Italian. It is one of the cities with the best quality of life in the country and one of the safest in America.

General Information


Contact us for a personalized quote


The tour is at your disposal; we will suggest times of stay but in the end that will depend on you. No hurries :)


Bilingual driver (English or Spanish). INAH certified and bilingual guide in English or Spanish (if needed). Other languages are available with an extra charge and under request.


* Service kit and amenities: water, insect repellent, antibacterial gel, first aid kit, towels, umbrellas, and souvenir gift.

Tour HighLights

Catedral de San Ildefonso

It is the first cathedral built in continental America (the mainland), and it is also the oldest in Mexico. Only the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, in all of America, is older than that of Yucatan.

La Casa de Los Montejo

The Montejo house is a building built between 1542 and 1549 by the conquerors of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Casa de los Montejo is possibly the only example in Mexico of a civil house built in the 16th century Plateresco style.

Palacio de Gobierno

The Palace, in an eclectic classicist style, covers a quadrangular surface of 42 meters in front and back. It consists of 2 floors adorned with portals and a beautiful quarry stone staircase. Inside, a large central patio stands out. Its facade shows a replica of the bell of the church of the town of Dolores, which the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla used to summon the people to a struggle that ended with the country’s independence.

The distinguished Yucatecan painter Fernando Castro Pacheco (1918-2013) captured 27 wall paintings that show passages from the life of the State, which are distributed on the two floors of the building: the Hall of History, the upper and lower corridors of the Palace, and the bucket on the ladder.

Temple of Jesus of the Third Order

It is a jewel of 17th century Baroque architecture and was built by the Jesuit religious order. On the façade you can admire a beautiful old stained glass window, two tall bell towers and it is richly ornamented with plant motifs and reliefs. Inside there are beautiful frescoes that represent biblical scenes painted on the walls and at the bottom of the nave there is a gilded wooden altar and a hemispherical dome with a circular drum. It has a beautiful atrial cross and a carved stone plinth.

Handcraft market

At one time it was known as a sales plaza or also as the small square or square of vegetables. Currently in the García Rejón market you can obtain various articles and crafts from the region, such as shoes, clothing, jewelry, hammocks, blanket clothing, objects made of henequen, among other merchandise.


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