Mayapan and Santa Barbara cenotes

Mayapan and Santa Barbara cenotes

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  • Departure:
    Personalized pick-up according to your preferences of time and place of departure in Merida, Recommend to start at 7:30 - 8:00 a.m.
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    9-10 hours approximately
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    Contact us for a personalized quote. A guided visit to Mayapan archeological site and Santa Barbara cenotes is included. We have all inclusive packagges please quote price per person, (including entrance fees and meals)


We will visit the Mayan city of Mayapan, and the incredible cenotes of Santa Barbara in Homun where we will also enjoy a delicious Yucatecan meal.


It was founded by the cocom group, whom experts associate with the bearers of what has been called the Maya-Toltec culture. The city of Mayapán was built in the likeness of Chichén Itzá. Its main buildings are a copy of the capital of the Itzáes. The construction style incorporated elements of the architecture of central Mexico, combined with features inherited from the ancient Mayan cities.

General Information


Contact us for a personalized quote


The tour is at your disposal; we will suggest times of stay but in the end that will depend on you. No hurries :)


Bilingual driver (English or Spanish). INAH certified and bilingual guide in English or Spanish (if needed). Other languages are available with an extra charge and under request.


* Service kit and amenities: water, insect repellent, antibacterial gel, first aid kit, towels, umbrellas, and souvenir gift.

Tour HighLights


The walled city of Mayapan is considered the last great capital of the Post-Classic Maya culture (1200-1450 A.D.) The name derives from the words Mayab, which was the name of the Yucatan Peninsula before the conquest; Ma, which is the negative “no;” Ya’ab, much, abundant; and Pan, referring to flag or standard. The resulting name is translated as “Flag of the Maya.”

Santa Barbara cenotes

Discover Pool Cocom, Cascabel, Chaksikin, the 3 most famous cenotes in Santa Barbara.

Hacienda Teya Restaurant

Exquisite Yucatecan food that has earned two national awards. With more than 18 years of experience, located on the ground floor of the Main House of Hacienda Teya. built in 1683.


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